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Data Play Key Role in Economic Development

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With the development of national economy, informationization plays an increasingly important role in the national economic development. Under this background, the management and security of IT environments become more and more important. As a response to the development requirements of the era, the virtualization & cloud management technology has become one of the most popular choices for IT construction and transformation. As the virtualization technology continues to mature, its market size increases rapidly in recent years. Since this technology has a huge space for development, its market size may see a blowout growth in the future.

virtualization & Cloud Management Technology

At present, the virtualization & cloud management technology is applied to large and medium-sized organizations in finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and public service industries and has brought customers considerable economic benefits and returns. With the constant improvement of related technologies, the virtualization & cloud management technology has brought huge innovation to the industry, and a virtualization and cloud era is coming.