Next Links Cyber Monitoring and Cyber Security solutions are critical to any industry that depends on the reliability, availability, and security of their networks

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Doing more with less while accommodating more complex and expanding services, increasing performance, and ensuring information security seem to be critical priorities for all industries. Additionally, organizations must be continuously vigilant, responsive and adaptive to the needs of their users, customers, partners and regulators.
Next Links provides network infrastructure, monitoring and remediation solutions that deliver continuous, actionable intelligence, dynamic control and scalable connectivity. We enable organizations to better monitor, analyze, manage, grow and protect their networks - leading to more secure, reliable, and agile infrastructure for a range of applications:

Aegis, Defender for Your Safer World

-Deep Insight, Early Warning, Timely Action

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The Biggest Challenge

- Who they are?
- Whom they talk with?
- What did they do?
- What they are doing?
- What are they going to do?
- Where are they?

You need one solution to do all the above!

- Deep Insight
  • Rich bits Converging
  • Information Magnifier
  • See what you get
- Early Warning
  • Real-time Warning
  • Early Warning
- Timely Action
  • Locating
  • Capturing
  • Central Command


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  • Packet capture and protocol recovery
  • Target environment analysis
  • Target management
  • Special software block
  • Offensive capability (Trojan Introducing)
This system have support for Windows, OSX, Android,IOS

Tactical Fence System Front-end system

Fake base station

  • An outdoor flexible deployment cell phone information gathering device

  • Power: 0~15W,0~7 adjustable,coverage range (30 meters ~2000 meters)

  • Applications for highway intersections, hotspot areas etc

Smart Fencing

If the victim has kidnapped by 3 men. The suspects robed all the cash, cellphones from the victim while driving out of the city. The victim let out side of the city and the suspects escaped.
Using Smart Fencing the law and enforcement agencies can catch the suspects easily.


  • Thermodynamic diagram
  • Movement analysis
  • Follower analysis
  • Black list
  • Early warning for gathering

Voice-print Recognition System



  • Recognize all voice records
  • Recognized by voice-print, not depend on phone number
  • Get one target’s voice record, get his all voice records.

Reduce Crime in your City

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Next Links User Behavior Analytics (UBA) is a machine learning-powered solution that delivers the answers you need to find unknown threats and anomalous behavior across users, endpoint devices and applications. Its machine learning algorithms produce actionable results with risk ratings and supporting evidence that augment security operation center (SOC) analysts’ existing techniques for faster action. All the systems are developed through highly advance technologies. We offer other security monitoring systems as.