Information and Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technology


What effect innovations in the ICT industry are having on society is demonstrated by the increasing digitization in virtually all aspects of everyday life. This digital evolution is having a major impact on industry, work processes, education and research, communications and network security. Expanding the digital infrastructure is one key goal of Next Links. Next Links offer wide range of ICT solutions including Big Data, Smart Video Surveillance, E-Education, Smart Vehicle Identification System, Virtual Reality, Management Information Systems, ERP’s, E-Traffic Management, Crime Control System, Online Marketing, SEO’s, Video Conferencing, Content Management, Online Portals, E-Commerce, Work Flow, Product Development and Business Automation etc.

IT Outsourcing

Next Links is providing outsourcing services for companies that want to optimize the costs associated with IT support. Our services include the most complete end-user support Service Disk, Feedback System, Online Shop, Third Party Selling System, E-Education, the administration of LAN/WAN, server infrastructure and security infrastructure, as well as the management of IT processes in accordance with best practices, latest recommendations (e.g. ITIL) and service level agreement (SLA). Next Links also provides services related to advanced server, matrix, or database systems, i.e. all critical systems of key business importance, which are also the most demanding in terms of availability and reliability. In order to fulfill customer's needs, Next Links provides services remotely and locally, at client’s premises.

IT Integration

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This is a group of services designed to adjust the customer's IT infrastructure to new and rapidly changing business and technical requirements. Next Links supports clients from the preliminary analysis and design of the new IT platform, through delivery of appropriate equipment and software, to the implementation phase. Integration services include both starting-up new systems on new platforms, expanding the functionality by updating software, migration between systems, and consolidation or virtualization of currently used environments. That’s how the technology supports business development.

Next Links ERP EKValley

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The Next Links ERP EKValley integrated management system is a modern ERP system supporting enterprise management. The system offers well-balanced functionality and covers all the significant fields of an enterprise’s operations. It is a universal tool that guarantees the stable growth of every company and is also flexible enough to satisfy their diverse requirements.
Each element of Next Links ERP EKValley can operate as a stand-alone product and be deployed to expand the functionality of applications already in use. Next Links EKValley is adapted to domestic and international finance and accounting standards. It supports trading activity both within and beyond the State Bank. The Next Links ERP EKValley system has the functionality to serve independent enterprises (including those with multiple sites or departments) as well as capital groups. We hold the copyrights to the system, which means that we can guide its long-term development and possible modification.


Finance and Accounting

  • General Ledger
  • Tangible Assets
  • Receivables – Liabilities
  • Debt Recovery

Personnel Management

  • Employee Records
  • Payroll
  • Training
  • Appraisals


  • Technical Production Preparation
  • Maintenance, Repair and Technical Support


  • Warehouse Management
  • Sales
  • Projects
  • Orders

Customer Relations

  • CRM
  • Contracts
  • Complaints

Decision Making

  • Controlling
  • Report Generator
  • Management Alert and Information

Big Data Analytics

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Enterprises are witness to information explosion due to businesses and individuals embracing digital communications and accumulating data. Enterprises are faced with the challenge to successfully harness the power of Big Data to realize business strategies and optimize operations. This data also has the potential to generate business opportunities, reduce costs and impact organization's efficiency. Big Data magnifies the unique benefits of mobile - ubiquity, immediacy and relevance.
Poor data management practices, lack of strategy, complexity of implementation and lack of required skills are the top obstacles for enterprises implementing a big data initiative. We are familiar with such challenges and are willing to help you with your journey. We can align your IT and Business with Big Data for enhanced insights and process automation.
The information influx created by Big Data can unlock significant business value if handled properly. As more and more data gets collected, variability can be exposed and help boost performance. Big Data has the potential to make information transparent and usable at a much higher frequency. By focusing on the most relevant data, you can reach actionable insights and transform information security.

Predictive Analytics

Using Analytics on Big Data, you can understand the operations and respond quickly to evolving market situations. Sophisticated analytics can help you in basic low-frequency forecasting to high-frequency now casting. By uncovering hidden patterns in analytics, you can define business strategy, solve business problems, improve decision making and gain competitive advantage.


Big data can help you build an effective data strategy to drive innovation. Problem areas can be identified and new solutions can be developed. The insights provided by Big Data will help you in operational improvements and to devise innovative ways for various processes.

Why is big data analytics important?

Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers. In his report Big Data in Big Companies, IIA Director of Research Tom Davenport interviewed more than 50 businesses to understand how they used big data. He found they got value in the following ways:
Cost reduction:

Big data technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data – plus they can identify more efficient ways of doing business.

Faster, better decision making:

With the speed of Hadoop and in-memory analytics, combined with the ability to analyze new sources of data, businesses are able to analyze information immediately – and make decisions based on what they’ve learned.

New products and services:

With the ability to gauge customer needs and satisfaction through analytics comes the power to give customers what they want. Davenport points out that with big data analytics, more companies are creating new products to meet customers’ needs.

Next Links offer wide range of solutions in Big data

  • ERP's

  • Video Analytics

  • Robotics

  • E-Commerce

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Mining

Energy Saving

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With the advent of the big data age, the construction of communication networks reaches a new climax. Especially, there is an upsurge in the construction of IDC equipment rooms. The communication industry, however, consumes huge amounts of energy. As international energy prices go up, energy costs are accounting for an increasingly larger proportion of the operation expenditure of the communication industry, and greatly affect enterprises' operation performance and cost competitiveness. Therefore, to effectively reduce enterprises' energy consumption, detailed energy planning and design must be performed at the initial network construction stage and energy management and control must be carried out accurately in the network use process. With the development of basic information technology and algorithms, accurate energy consumption management must be grasped by each enterprise.

Video Conferencing

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Various networks of government departments cannot be efficiently connected, resulting in a great number of information islands, difficult interconnection, difficult information sharing, and difficult service collaboration, and constraining cross-department collaboration and communication for e-government.
No sharing of conference room resources: Conference room resources of different departments cannot be balanced and shared, causing the waste of resources in some departments and insufficient resources in other departments.

New office

The e-government affairs video conferencing system integrates all kinds of conferencing and conference room resources to provides a communication channel across government departments, and provides applications such as administrative conference, daily office, and training & learning.

New integration

Upon an emergency event, the system can provide government emergency command & dispatch. The integrated dispatching platform can integrate multiple applications such as video conferencing, video surveillance, individual communication system, wireless trunking, mobile phone, and GIS, and transmit multiple channels of images on the HD video wall and efficiently improve command efficiency.

New service

The new video cloud can provide new service applications such as remote video consulting service and Live broadcast to realize transparent government affairs.

Next Links VC Benefits

Through innovating management concepts, share resources and decrease government investment. The video cloud, through centralized construction and management of resources and control of multilevel rights, can completely share conference room and video port resources to reduce repeated construction and decrease the investment from government.
Meet multiple typical service applications of government affairs and improve the decision-making information service level of government departments. The video cloud is an integrated system, which not only improves the service collaboration capability and public service capabilities of government departments, but also provides technical support for decision-making and command upon emergencies.
Besides Government Next Links offer video conferencing solution for enterprises, educational institutes, IT Labs etc.

Next Links Smart-Education

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Next Links Smart Education breaks the limits of geographic regions, learning resources, teaching resources, realizing distance interactive video learning, teaching and trainings. It improves education quality and skill levels for those regions with broad land and dense population, where the average education level is low, education resources are unevenly distributed between urban and rural regions.
The Next Links Smart Education is divided into stand alone and centralized system
In some backward and developing regions there isn't enough resources to provide Internet facilities. But it is divided into urban and rural. They need stand alone smart education system.
In Stand Alone system there is no need of network to use it. It has custom built installed software that is designed specially for education. In this system there are pre-installed PPT and video lectures, course outlines, books, classes, activities, trainings for both teachers and students. In this system the there two types of lectures and trainings. In the first category the users can use live video lectures and trainings. In the second category the user can use the lectures and trainings based on Virtual Reality. This system can be also connected to Internet where it can be updated. As it is more like portable device, so one can easily move it to the nearest place where Internet facilities are available. And if there is no chance to connect with Internet, then one can use the external media to update the system. In this system if Internet is available it is centralized if Internet is not available it is stand alone. If the system is deployed in a far region which have Internet facilities then it will have some extra and advance facilities as will which is disused bellow:
The Next Links on-line Smart-Education system requires classroom construction, platform construction, and portal construction. Interactive classroom is mainly divided into premium interactive classroom (5 cameras), professional interactive classroom (3 cameras), and regular interactive classroom (1 camera), which can be supported by mobile interaction, AR, and holographic lab interaction. The premium interactive classroom (5-camera automatic tracing) can collect images of teacher/student close-up, dynamic PPT display, classroom panorama, and remote classroom image, and then encode and at the same time perform encoding, and combined recording so that students in other classrooms or regions can view the course. Using the currently most advanced AR teaching technologies, the solution supports teaching activities between high-quality schools and low-end schools so that students in remote areas can also access excellent teaching resources from high-quality schools, significantly reducing teaching costs and promoting the balanced development.

The remote interactive classroom system allows schools to organically combine traditional teaching activities with modern informatized teaching methods to improve the overall teaching quality management standards in different regions, assist teachers in promoting professional skills, and facilitate tasks such as classroom teaching improvement, premium courses production, and teaching researches and studies.
Standardized solution, integrating the brand new teaching concept and teaching practices with new technologies.
Efficient and convenient classroom control system, making distance interactive teaching process become more smooth.
Automatically tracing the classroom with five cameras to easily get all the interactive teaching scenarios of the classroom.
Supreme video quality with lower bandwidth cost, promoting the communication effect between the teacher and students.

Next Links Academic System

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Next Links Academic System deals with Pre-Admission and Post-Admission Academic operations. Pre-Admission operations include Candidate Application, Test Results, and Interview Results and finally generate merit lists. Post-Admission operations cover Time Table, Student Attendance, Leave Record, Examination Results and Student Transfer record. Multiple Academic Programs with large number of students can be handled with module.

Next Links Point of Sales System

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Next Links Point of Sales System is designed for medium to large Super Markets. It covers all POS operations including Price List, Discounts, Credit Card handling, Void Transactions, Refund Transactions, Exchange Transaction, Item Search Facility, Non-stock Items etc. WPOS can be integrated with cash drawer, display pole, slip printers, bar code scanners and magnetic card scanners. System generates Cashier wise, Machine wise, Floor Wise, Item Category wise and Department wise Sales and Refund reports.

Next Links HR & Payroll System

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Next Links HR & Payroll System covers all pre-employment and post-employment processes related to an employee. Pre-employment process starts from Recruitment Requirement and ends up with joining of any employee. Same as Post Shipment process includes hiring till the leaving of an employee. Flexible Allowances and deductions columns are offered on salary sheet. WHPS generates bunch of reports including Employment Register, Sanctioned Strength Comparison, Salary Sheets & Slips. Reports, Social Security Reports and Over-Time Reports etc.

Next Links Real Estate System

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Next Links Real Estate System has been designed to cater all operations of Housing Societies. System begins with definition of Project Hierarchy covering definitions of phases, sectors and blocks. Member Registration, balloting, receipts, transfer of plots, cancellation of memberships are key transaction of Real Estate part. System is tightly integrated with General Ledger and Accounts Receivable System.

Virtual Reality

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We see a future where the forces of AI, IoT, AR, and VR come together to propel human-computer interaction to new levels. A world where man and machine intelligence work together for mutual benefit and technology empowers people, rather than pacifies them.

Next Links offer:

At Next Links Reality we believe that knowledge is a human right. We also believe in the transformative power of experiential learning using virtual reality education solutions. These solutions actively engage learners resulting in faster learning, better retention, and improved decision making.
Virtual Reality energy solutions have the unique ability to provide experiential training in real-time, data-driven applications. For the energy sector, this improves the efficiency of skills transfer, increases knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within an organization.
Next Links Virtual Reality medical applications provide an ideal platform for advanced medical education, enabling students and specialists to master their field through deliberate practice before engaging with patients. Anatomical functions and structures that are extremely difficult to visualize through traditional means can be realistically represented through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality apps designed for medical studies.
Next Links Virtual Reality manufacturing applications will have a significant impact the manufacturing sector in the years to come. We’re pioneering how these mediums can enhance data-driven, experiential training.
Next Links Virtual Reality security and defense applications give those in the field of Security, both private and public, the hands on experience needed to train their workforce, inform the public, and better deliver services.

Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

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At Next Links ,we believe that all marketing must lead to sales and the return on investment on every cent spent on marketing must be measured. Marketing does not have to be expensive, it MUST be creative and effective.
At first, facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media platforms may not look like great marketing tools for your business. Here is a fact: over 1 billion people use facebook and on average 20% of their time surfing is spent on facebook. Social influence and recommendations have been going on from the beginning of time, but now we have gone digital. Great facebook pages educate, interact, connect with your target market. Its also fast, efficient, effective and fun. Let BeUnique's social media team manage and drive your social media strategy 7 days a week 365 days a year.
Most Clients and prospects know more about our products and our industry by just “googling”. Over 90% of people searching the internet do not click on to the 2nd page of search engine. We select and implement keywords and then monitor the traffic, the number searches for those keywords, social media platforms, article writing, building links.